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8 Excellent Tech Habits to Improve Your Life

Every innovation on technology is supposed to make life a lot easier and simpler. However, we still find problems that are caused by our own fault and it makes technology a more complicated detail. Essentially, we can use tech habits wisely, and make it improves our life. #1. Do Telecommute You can access the entire […]

Top 10 Laptops for College Students

Getting back to school must be exciting. However, college students have more challenges and they need appropriate laptop to support them. What make the best choices for laptop? The following are considered the best right now. #1. Sony VAIO Pro 11 This laptop is empowered with Intel Core i7 and the touch screen display is […]

Top 10 Clever Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail is no doubt still considered the best email service right now with huge capacity and services offered. However, it does not stop there. There are still many other moves we can make. Here are some of them. #1. Shortcuts for Keyboard We can learn the entire shortcut on shortcut menu and control the entire […]

Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome does not only work as it was designed. It now offers more supports and services as many great extensions are added. Among the entire extensions, several are very popular and considered the best ones. #1. Freemake YouTube Converter This extension allows us to download YouTube video in just one click. We will need […]

Top 8 Ways How to Boost Your WiFi Signal

WiFi allows us to get connected to the internet in a more flexible and comfortable way. However, it is also frustrating sometimes when the signal fluctuates and drops while we are in need of constant signal. There are ways to fix such problem. #1. Router Location Router works just like us. When we talk or […]