Top 10 Errors in Java Programming

java programming language Top 10 Errors in Java ProgrammingEven though several programmers are already used to Java, several mistakes are still made from time to time, and it is on good reasons. The following lists are the most common errors happen in Java programming.

#1. Wrong Member Access

This mistake is very common. Usually, non static members are accessed through static method. To access non static members, we can write specific code by creating an instance object.

#2. Method Mistyping

Usually, it happens during overriding. There are several solutions for this including message recording in log file, add a print statement, and use debugger with good trace. Those should answer the problems.

#3. Comparison Assignment

Instead of using =, programmers commonly use ==. This will create different meaning on the language and in the end it gives different response. It is easy enough to fix as long as we know the right language code.

#4. Two Objects Comparison

Basically, we cannot compare two objects for equality. The solution will be the equal method, in which the language is inherited from Java language.

#5. Passing Confusion

It happens on two different situation. The first is passing by value. It is when programmer passes primitive data to a specific function. The second is passing by reference, which is when programmer passes a specific Java object to a specific function.

#6. Blank Exception Handler

Programmers tend to leave the handler blank. This is very tempting but it creates complication. We will not know the cause of the problem. The solution is never leave the handlers blank.

#7. Java is Zero Indexed

Most of the time, programmers forget this fact. In result, things do not go as we set it. The solution when it happens is consulting the API documentation.

#8. Concurrent Access Prevention

What often happens is there is prevention on shared variables access by thread. The solution will be using synchronized accessory after setting the variables private. This method can reach private variables.

#9. Error on Capitalization

This happens a lot. There are two tricks to solve this. First, begin the entire methods and variables of member with lower letter. Second, use capital on every beginning of a word for the entire methods and variables.

#10. Null Pointers

This common mistake has quite simple solution. Programmers need to check first before they finally access the variable.

Even though these mistakes are made very often, all other programmers still think it is normal attitude. Java has its own capabilities and weaknesses and programmers may fall sometimes on the wrong move.

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