Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions Top 9 Best Google Chrome ExtensionsGoogle Chrome does not only work as it was designed. It now offers more supports and services as many great extensions are added. Among the entire extensions, several are very popular and considered the best ones.

#1. Freemake YouTube Converter

This extension allows us to download YouTube video in just one click. We will need the plugin before we can install the software and we need to set the video download format too.

#2. The Panic Button

Smartly named, this extension allows users with shared PC or who are browsing during work hours to hide their activity in just one click. This extension will save the opened tabs into different folder so users can restore it immediately.

#3. BeFunky Photo Editor

This extension allows users to make basic edition on photos right on Chrome. We do not need any other third software to have the extension.

#4. dotEPUB

This extension is created for people who like to read many articles. We can turn the entire articles into epub and transfer it to our mobile gadget to read. It is easy to use and work fast.instant translate chrome Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

#5. Instant Translate

It allows users to translate any text right away and it tells the source of the text. It supports up to 66 languages and keeps history so users can always get back to the old translation.

#6. TooManyTabs

This extensions allows users to organize multiple of tabs at once based on several categories as users want it. Users can preview the tab opened and restore it if they want to. The outlook is nice.

#7. Ginger

This is not only a spelling but also grammar checker. It is accurate and easy to use. Users can either check while typing on it, or check later when they are done typing.


Like other similar extensions, this one gives download access from our toolbar. It means we can download in just one click. Odd, such thing is an extension instead of already included on the browser.

#9. Adblock

This extension allows users to block any ads, from pop ups, banner, or even videos, at the site page. Users can also block an ad this extension does not recognise manually and it won’t appear anymore.

Those extensions are created to enrich browsing experience and to make everything easier and faster. Each extension offers different thing and experience to have. They are easy to get, to install, and to use. This browser really knows how to please users.

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