Top 10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies

fastest growing startup companies Top 10 Fastest Growing Startup CompaniesWatching startup companies in building their empire, making trial and errors, is just exciting. We will learn a lot from them, and there are too many inspiring ideas from there. Here are the top 10 of the companies right now.

#1. Unified Payments

It gives payment options to merchants in US throughout hospitals, healthcare services, retails, convenience shops, e commerce industries, and petroleum. The revenue reaches $59.5 million during 2011 and it keeps rising until 2013.

#2. Bluefin Payment System

It serves for more than 15,000 merchants in US and Canada with revenue reaches to $55.5 million. It gives excellent service on billing and processing for debit and credit card.

#3. Gold & Silver Buyers

They have more than 150 branches in Colorado, California, and Texas. With more than 236 employees, this company gain $55 million revenue on 2011 by buying silver, gold, and diamond from consumers and sell them to refineries.

#4. Red Frog Events

This company handles events in UK, US, and Australia with excellent expertise and professionalism. Their revenue reaches $31.7 million in the last two years.astrum solar startup Top 10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies

#5. Astrum Solar

By providing solar to business and houses across US, this company gains $26.9 million of revenue. Their professionalism on solar energy and how to use it is a popular talk.

#6. Edge Solutions

This IT service company is ranked as the best on the industry. The partners include major world class companies on the field, and their revenue reach $21,8 million.

#7. Acquia

This technical support company fulfils over 2.5 billion of client requests monthly. With such performance, they make $21.8 million of revenue, and it keeps on growing.

#8. Integrity Funding

This company offers progressive diverse investment. Even though they start on modest amount of revenue, their last four years progress gives them reputation and revenue of $14.7 million.

#9. Cartagz

This company offers modern and practical solution for vehicle owners in which all vehicle payment can be done online safely. This company makes huge progress and gain $14.2 million revenue.

#10. AdRoll

This world class company handles more than 5,000 active advertisers from around the world. They help a lot in increasing sales and get clients well noticed. Their revenue reaches to $12.4 million.

Those are only few of them that make huge success on their startup periods. There are still many of them with inspiring achievement and innovation. Learning from them will be educating as well as motivating.

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