9 Must Have Mobile Apps for Travellers

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Travellers nowadays are equipped with a lot facilities and services. However, we are still able to enrich the experience by using useful mobile apps so wherever we go, we get the best device to help. The following apps must be downloaded.

#1. Kayak

This app is actually already well known to be great. It has great world map where we can check all locations and the flight available to reach the place. Price on the tickets are included with the information.

#2. Time Out

This app is a location guide app. It covers several big cities in the world. When we are on location, this app will tell us several interesting places to visit nearby our position.

#3. Lonely Planet Travel Guide

This app is like a bookshelf where we can save several guide book on each destination. We can purchase the guide book later when we are going to visit new places.

#4. TripIt

This travel planner app works like a travel assistant. If we send the entire emails from hotels, airlines, and other related parties, TripIt will arrange them in a tidy schedule we only need to follow.

#5. Evernote

This app is like an organizer. We can add all important files like paperwork, receipts and other, and this application will list them all and organize it so we don’t miss a thing.

#6. UNESCO World Heritage

This app gives us a lot of suggestions for big places UNESCO protects. It will automatically informs the places once you are nearby. It makes travelling a more meaningful experience.

#7. XE Currency Exchange

This can go online and offline. If we are planning to visit several countries, this app helps us to convert the value of currency in an instant. It helps a lot if we like to shop many things during travel.

#8. Google Translate

This can be a little bit inaccurate for a long text, but it will be a very helpful app when we are visiting other country we don’t master the language. 9 Must Have Mobile Apps for Travellers

#9. Trip Journal

This app makes people who like travelling and make documentary about it enjoy the travel more. It enables us to make geo tag and insert a blog text if we want to.

Those apps are not only useful but also handy when we are travelling especially to a new place we don’t know before. There are still many apps for travellers, but those above are the most important ones and we need to have.

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