5 Helpful Computer Data Recovery Tips

If your computer or hard drive has crashed and you don’t have all of your data backed up, it could be devastating. These days, much of our life’s work is kept on our computers and when that work is lost, it can be a tremendous blow. That said, there are a lot of different ways that you can recover the data, it just depends on what the exact problem is. If you’re still not sure what to do, here are 5 helpful computer data recovery tips.

  1. Check your trash bin. This may seem stupid, but you wouldn’t believe how often people think that they’ve lost data, which has accidentally been placed in the trash. If you haven’t emptied your trash in some time, then you may be in luck. Also, a lot of computers have a recovery file that is often held in their cache. If you were working on a document when your computer died, either due to a dead battery or crash, then it is very likely that this document is being stored in recovery.
  2. Mount your hard drive to another computer. If you have lost data due to your hard drive going caput, then you might be able to connect your hard drive to another computer externally. You will need a USB universal drive adapter or dock, which usually retails for about $50 online. In some cases you can also do this with a firewire cable. Once you have connected to the alternate computer, you should be able to open your hard drive on that computer and recover your data immediately.
  3. Download data recovery software. There are all different types of software that you can download from the Internet, which will scan through your computer to determine if you have any files that can be recovered. Many of these different types of software can recover data from a damaged hard disk, in addition to recovering deleted emails, unsaved documents, music, movies, and more.
  4. Buy a mechanical polishing machine. If your hard disk’s platter is scratched, then there’s really nothing that can be done. However, if the data you are trying to recover is held on an optical disk, such as a CD or DVD, and the scratch has only affected the plastic protective layer, rather than the data storage layer, it may be recoverable. There are special types of mechanical polishing machines that can fill the scratches so that the data can still be recovered.
  5. See a specialist. If you’ve tried everything you can on your own and you still can’t recover the data, it’s time to go to a specialist, like the ones at Quorum. This is often expensive and there’s still no guarantee that your data can be recovered, but if it is possible, the professionals are your only hope. They will know exactly how to get in there delicately and run the proper diagnostics to locate the problem and extract all the data. Best of luck!

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