5 Helpful Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

There are a vast number of ways to market your small business these days. Gone are the days of the letter-box flyer delivery and the expensive world of TV advertising. Now it’s all about content and online marketing. Not only are these modes of marketing extremely effective, but they can be very affordable too. So here are five ways that your small business can become a viral sensation through internet marketing.

  1. Start a blog. Alongside your web page, you need to start a blog. A blog is a great platform for new content to be added easily and efficiently. Your web site should house your blog page or at least link up to it via hyperlinks. You should be posting at least a couple of quality content blog posts every week. Even if no one is reading these posts, they will contribute to your search engine results rankings and you might find yourself on that all important first page of Google search results.
  2. Hire a proven SEO expert. You can only get so far up the Google search engine rankings by optimizing all by yourself. Sometimes you need to bring in the experts. Head over to your local SEO company and find out what methods they use to bump you up the search results page. Being Google-able is like being located on the main street of your town, with valuable foot-traffic passing by everyday.
  3. Content is king. Remember, in the world of online marketing, content is king. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of useless information that is out there on the world-wide-web. To stand out, you need to create content that is engaging and interesting. Being funny helps too. Videos and photographs are always more popular than text content so be sure to utilize your smart phone camera and start documenting all your successful jobs. Show the world what you’re capable of and post it to your blog or social media pages.
  4. Be a social media sensation. Every business, whether you like it or not, needs a social media presence. It’s your key to building an online community. So sign up for Twitter and get tweeting. Post links to your web page and provide special offers and promotions for those who are following you. Be sure to have a Facebook page and keep note of the analytics and data that it tracks for you. You can learn a lot about your customer habits just by having access to this information.
  5. Start an e-newsletter. For your loyal customers and for those who’ve expressed interest in your products or services, be sure to have an email newsletter that keeps them informed of your business’ special offers and promotions. Keep them short and snappy and spend some time beautifying them a little. Design can be the difference between someone reading your email or moving it to junk. Maintaining your email database is crucial, so be sure to remove emails that bounce and keep updating new email addresses to the list. Signing up to Mailchimp is a great way to keep track of who opens and reads your emails and who is ignoring them.

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