5 Easy and Effective Ways to Improve Ranking for Your Website

In order to move your site higher in the rankings, you need to get serious about SEO. Indeed, search engine optimization is the number one way to move your site from the back of the search engine pages to the front. However, in order to improve website SEO, you need to break down your site and find out where your weaknesses and strengths are. There is a good chance that your site needs a lot of optimization work to help get your website moving. Here are five easy and effective ways to improve ranking for your website.

  1. Complete a full audit – find out where you are lacking when it comes to SEO. Before you jump into an SEO plan, you want to find out why your website is not ranking. Indeed, in order to improve website ranking, you need to isolate all the issues that may be causing your site to be pushed back.
  2. Start an on-site strategy by adding keywords and hyperlinks. Once you have an idea of what is causing your site to be pushed back, you can start looking at some methods that you can employ on-site. An on-site SEO task is basically done in the back end of the website and doesn’t usually require too much help from a web administer. What you want to do is add hyperlinks to text that doesn’t have hyperlinks – this will give your site more relevance. Also, you want to plug in keywords everywhere that you can.
  3. Make your presence known to the search engines. Once your website is set up, you want to be sure to send in a site breakdown or URL map. This will basically help your website become easier to crawl. The search engines use little bots that consistently browse the web looking for content. It will then weed out the bad content from the good. If you have a strong site map all laid out, your site will be much easier to crawl and the search engines will appreciate the hierarchy, which will hopefully raise your ranking.
  4. Get rid of all black hat SEO methods that you have been employing in the past. In the old days, you could employ some tricks to get your site to rank higher. However, these days it is harder than ever to get away with some of these methods, which are called ‘black hat’ methods. For instance, link farming used to be a common practice, but it is now frowned upon. In fact, the search engines have unique algorithms to find out if the site is a link farm and can flag your site.
  5. Update your site to a newer platform – one that is SEO friendly. On top of everything, you may want to think about moving your site over to a platform that is friendlier for SEO. If you have an old platform – made from flash or an older programming code, you definitely want to upgrade. In the end, your site has to be light, fast, and it can’t have firewalls that block the search engine bots.

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