5 Tech Upgrades for Your Small Business

One of the greatest things about business technology is that, as it evolves, it is slowly leveling the playing field. With cloud and smart technology, small businesses can now have some of the same powers as big businesses. This is especially the case when it comes to connectivity and the ability to communicate with customers and clients around the world. When it comes down to it, if you aren’t tapping into some of these technologies, you may not be doing all you can for the success of your business. The truth is that many of these technologies don’t require a big investment, so you can get away with a lot for very little. Here are five tech upgrades for your small business.

  1. Get on the cloud – it will improve storage capacity and it will increase your business’ productivity. If you are not on the cloud yet, you definitely need to get on it. The cloud will improve your business’ storage capacity and it will make your employees more productive. If you are not sure how to move to the cloud, you may want to contact an IT service company, like Lincoln Computer Services, to set everything up.
  2. Upgrade to smartphone and tablet technology – communication is everything when you have a small business. Smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the personal communications sector, but what about the business sector? Indeed, by introducing smartphone and tablet technology into your workplace, you can greatly improve communications, which is incredibly important when you run a small business.
  3. Boost the RAM in your computers – faster computers mean faster human resources. Many business owners don’t understand the importance of having super fast computers. The truth is that every second wasted is money wasted. If you deal with customer relations, having faster processing speeds could mean the difference of a sale gained and a sale lost. The more sales you lose, the more your bottom line will be affected. When it comes down to it, adding more RAM to your operating systems is easy and doesn’t require a major shut down.
  4. Update all of your software to the newest versions – the slower your software the slower your capacity will be. On top of adding RAM, you also want to be sure that you upgrade all of your software. If you have old operating platforms or programs on your system, you want to update them all. Usually, updates don’t cost anything – just a little bit of time. However, the reward of a simple update can be huge in terms of progress.
  5. Use software that integrates all of your programs into one – this will make upgrading and backing up so much easier. On top of everything, you may want to find software that can bring all your software and applications into one system. These programs can make it a lot easier for you to upgrade and backup your information. In the end, streamlining anywhere that you can will help boost your business’ success and profitability.

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