5 Valuable SEO Tips for Bloggers

Whether you have a website that promotes a product or service that your company offers or you have a personal blog, when it comes to the content that is on it, SEO is an acronym that you definitely need to be very familiar with.

What it stands for is Search Engine Optimization and by learning certain SEO tips and tricks, you can be confident that the copy on your website or blog will catch the attention of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That way, more visitors will become aware of your site.

So if you’d like a few surefire suggestions that will make your website or blog easier to find, check out the following five points:

Pay attention to how long each piece is. Although there are a lot of websites and blogs that have pretty short posts, there’s also a pretty good chance that they’re not doing all that well on search engines. That’s because, for the most part, it’s hard to provide a lot of quality content in 200-300 words. Plus, it’s hard to put in keywords in such a way where they flow naturally. So when it comes to the word count that your pieces should have, make sure that they are no less than 400-500 words.

Use related keywords. Keywords are basically words that you want to stand out and gain the most attention in your pieces. Although shorter ones often end up with the highest search traffic, longer ones tend to be easier to rank. When it comes to where keywords should be placed, the title, the headings, and subheadings throughout the content (including the last paragraph) are ideal. You can read more about how to use keywords for SEO by going to Word Stream and putting “SEO keywords” in the search field.

Link to other pieces. It can be a win-win for you and other websites if you link some of their content to your pieces. But another way to benefit your site is to link some of your old content to your new stuff. Not only does that increase the chances of the new content getting more traffic, but the older stuff will be able to get more traction too.

Add an image. If you were to read an article about the top 10 SEO blogs on the internet and some of their best SEO basics, one thing that you may notice is that nearly all of their blogs have images featured within each post. That’s why it’s always a good idea for you to have at least one image featured in all of your pieces, too. Not only is it visually-appealing, but images make it easier for your readers to share your work on social media pages like Facebook and Pinterest as well.

Do some guest blogging. Another awesome tip? Make sure that you do some guest blogging/posting from time to time. First, it is a smart and effective way to network with other website owners and bloggers. Secondly, it can draw attention to your site. By penning something for them and then adding a relevant link to your site, their readers will become aware of your site and what it has to offer in the process. For tips on how to be a great guest blogger, visit UnBounce and put “resources to make you the best guest blogger” in the search field.

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