How to Perfect the Mobile Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Mobile marketing is an important part of any online marketing plan these days since so many people now rely on their mobile devices for connectivity both in the home and on the go. Some people have even given up completely on home computers and laptops thanks to the advances in mobile technology that make smartphones and tablets equally powerful and more appealing in some cases. And while plenty of people still use email and send communiques through social media profiles, the number of text messages sent and received on a daily basis still trumps both by a large margin where most consumer communication habits are concerned. The point is that you need to make sure your mobile marketing campaigns are spot-on if you want to capitalize on this easy and potentially highly effective means of gaining consumer conversions. Here are a few tips to help you perfect your campaigns.

The first thing you need to do, since you’re probably creating your mobile marketing campaign as part of a larger online marketing strategy, is make sure that your content is optimized for mobile use. This means, first and foremost, that it must be formatted to adjust to mobile screen sizes so that users don’t have to futz around with resizing, scrolling, etc. Or better yet, you could simply create text-only version of ads for your mobile campaign. Of course, this method means you’ll lose out on the value and impact of imagery, so you might want to put in the extra time to optimize graphics. You’ll need to select the optimization options that work best for your budget, your message, and your audience.

And don’t forget to optimize the content of your campaigns, as well. Not only are mobile users likely less interested in scrolling through content simply because they’re on the go, but some carriers and/or plans only allow messages of a certain length – if your communiques are longer, they may be broken up into multiple messages. As phones get smarter, this becomes a less and less likely occurrence, but there is a lot to be said for keeping your marketing materials concise, regardless of the restrictions the medium may or may not pose. A simple guideline to adhere to is the Twitter rule: no more than 140 characters if at all possible. Recipients will appreciate messages that are short and to the point.

Finally, you need to think about marketing to specific customers rather than demographics. There will certainly be some amount of group marketing involved since you’re probably trying to garner interest from consumers you have yet to convert. But your mobile marketing campaign should also take customer history into account if you want the best chances of connecting with prior customers and turning them into repeat buyers. As mobile marketing tips go these days, few are more important than being able to provide your customers with a personalized experience. And when you track their usage and spending habits you can put them to good use when it comes to sending them targeted marketing materials.

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