5 Visually Stunning Movies to Watch in 3D

When it comes down to it, 3D films offer a much more immersive experience. Of course, two-dimensional films are also really entertaining, but 3D films can make you feel like you are part of the action. Using a pair of 3D glasses – usually made by a company like American Paper Optics - you can feel like you are in a particular set and it can appear like objects are jumping right off the screen. The best part is that you don’t need to wait for a 3D film to hit your local theater – you can actually purchase a 3D television and watch three-dimensional films in the comfort of your own home. Here are five visually stunning movies to watch in 3D.

  1. Avatar. James Cameron is known for his epics, but Avatar is epic because of the film itself and the making of the film. Cameron spent more than ten years working on the film – apparently there wasn’t an available technology to make his vision a reality. His vision was a world that no one had seen before on the silver screen. Avatar is a visual epic that has an amazing moral and it is breathtaking to watch.
  2. Space Station 3D. Many people have no idea that a fully operating space system exists right outside of the earth’s atmosphere. This 3D film explores the outer reaches of earth and all the daily activities of the International Space Station. Plus, the views of earth from the station are a sight to behold. Narrated by none other than Tom Cruise, Space Station 3D is a must see for anyone that appreciates documentaries and space. Visually stunning almost seems like an understatement when it comes to a description of this film.
  3. Up. This film should really take some kind of award in the category of ‘best three-dimensional animated film.’ Not only is this film illustrated beautifully, but the story is amazing. Throw in 3D technology and you are right there with the characters. Of course, Pixar has always been known for producing top-notch animation, but this film definitely takes the studio into the 21st century. If you want a thought-provoking 3D film that is light on the explosions – this film is definitely a breath of fresh air.
  4. Dial M for Murder. Although this film was shot in 1954, it is still as fresh as ever and you can still use modern 3D glasses to view the film. This film is not only great because it is in 3D – it is also great for being one of Hitchcock’s oft-underrated masterpieces. When the film was released sixty years ago, 3D movie watching was just starting to ease out of popularity, so it is a rare thing to see this film in its original glory.
  5. Alice in Wonderland. What do you get when you mix Tim Burton and 3D technology? Well, you get one of the most visually striking renditions of this age-old tale. Plus, it’s hard not to praise Johnny Depp’s performance as the Mad Hatter. In the end, this movie offers real fun for the whole family.

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