5 Great Apps for Managing Your Email

It can be easy to let your email account get out of hand. You have promotional emails, personal emails, work emails, and even spam, all in one account. Eventually, this will get pretty frustrating and it will be difficult to find important emails. This is exactly why you need to download an application that can help make your email a little more organized and categorized. When it comes down to it, there are a few applications that could really transform your life and your business life. Being able to find emails quicker will make you more productive and it will help strengthen your relationships with coworkers and your friends. Here are five great apps for managing your email.

  1. CloudMagic. CloudMagic is quickly becoming a popular email app for both iPhone and Android – and even iPad. Basically, CloudMagic allows you to completely organize your emails. Not only is it easier to read your emails with this app, but you can also swipe to categorize and there is a strong search feature. You can also set reminders to respond to emails at a certain time – so that you never forget.
  2. Boxer for Android OS. This is another incredibly powerful email organizer. It is only available for Android OS, but it does so much that you may want to switch to Android. Boxer allows you to swipe and categorize, but you can also “like” emails. Liking emails lets the sender know that you saw the email and that you are going to respond when you are less busy. This can take the wonder and worry out of email sending and it can improve your relationship with clients and partners. All around, if you have a busy email life, you’ll need this app.
  3. Gusto. This amazing application takes much of the work out of organizing and downloading all your emails and email attachments. Basically, the app categorizes all your emails that have attachments. For instance, it will separate all the emails with photo attachments so that you can go through and look at all the photos that anyone has ever sent. You can do this with other categories too, like videos and music.
  4. Mailbox. This is another email app that makes life simpler. The crowning achievement of this app is that it allows you the opportunity to put off emails until a later date. There are always those emails that offer you a few days to think about what you are going to write back. Use this app to give you that time you need.
  5. Evomail. This app does everything from categorizing to snoozing your emails. Why would you want to snooze your emails? Basically, you’ll want to snooze your emails if you have a weekend off and don’t want to deal with emails until Monday. Moreover, you can look at emails in a chat mode, which can make reading emails and responding to emails so much easier. The app is only available for Google’s platform, but if you have a phone that supports this app, you should certainly download it and see how it can transform your life.

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