Top 5 Finance and Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking isn’t just some farfetched idea for the future – it is here and it is being used on a regular basis. In fact, some of the most popular mobile banking apps are making some of the functions of a traditional banking center – with tellers and deposit slips – virtually obsolete. Some of these apps make it much simpler to deposit checks – all you have to do is take a picture, enter the amount and the money will be automatically deposited into your account. Some of the other top banking apps make it easy to monitor cash flow and available balances. Here are the top five finance and mobile banking apps.

  1. American Express’s “My Offers” app. Most people have credit cards, but they often have no idea when they can cash in on bonuses and rewards. Well, American Express has made cashing in on bonuses and rewards a lot easier. Basically, the “My Offers” app allows American Express card holds to turn on the location tracking setting – offers and discounts on items will pop up on your phone according to your location. If you are walking down the street, your American Express will ping you with a list of these offers.
  2. Bank of America’s banking app. Bank of America was one of the first banks to release the mobile check deposit function that has been revolutionizing the way people do their banking. This application is also great, because it can allow you the opportunity to intuitively check your balances, move funds and you can even check your rewards if you have a Bank of America credit card. Basically, this app gives you the simple convenience of doing all your banking from the comfort of your own smart phone or tablet device.
  3. Capital One’s credit card app. This application is great because you can check balances, pay bills and view all your spending habits. However, you can also view your available rewards and cash in on them. Moreover, if you have a business, Capital One offers a payment gateway system that you can connect to the credit card swiping device on your smart phone or tablet. As a business owner, this app will seriously come in handy.
  4. Pageonce. When it comes to personal and business finances, it can be hard to know what your spending habits are in a categorized format. Are you spending too much on dining out? Are you spending too much on entertainment? This application can give you the tools you need to curb dangerous spending – it will also ping your phone if you make a purchase that goes over a certain budget.
  5. Mint. This is another great personal spending finance app that allows you to categorize all your spending. It also has tools that allow you to set financial goals. For instance, if you want to purchase a home, this app will let you create a budgeting infrastructure that makes it more possible to save enough money for a down payment. In the end, this is the perfect app for anyone that wants a truly intuitive way to manage his or her finances.

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