Top 5 Web Design Tips for Improved Usability

You might think that you only have to create your website once and then you’re done, but this is hardly the case. With internet technologies advancing rapidly, it’s important that you stay abreast of developments and trends so that your site doesn’t end up looking like a dinosaur. This isn’t to say that you have to revamp your website once a month, but you should certainly keep it up-to-date and take steps to improve usability as new tools and design options come to your attention. Here are just a few¬†web design tips that should help to ensure a user-friendly website.

  1. Get a new perspective. If you’re looking at your web design from the point of view of a business owner, then you may have the wrong outlook. The problem is that your goals are different from the goals of your visitors. Generally speaking, you want to make sales. And this attitude informs the design choices you make. But you have to think not about how you want to push your products or services, but rather about what your customers want and what will encourage them to patronize your brand. When you look at your site from the perspective of the user, you should be able to come up with a design that offers both the usability and motivation they need to realize that what you have to offer is better than the competition.
  2. Don’t get too flashy. Simple and streamlined is the way to go when it comes to creating a website that is easy for users to navigate. It can be tempting to throw in flashy bells and whistles that will wow your visitors. But you don’t want these embellishments to impede the progress of sales. If users have to try too hard to figure out how to get where they want to go, you’ll likely lose their interest in the process. A clean, intuitive layout and design is always your best bet.
  3. Keep load times to a minimum. Graphics, videos, and other extras can certainly spice up your site, but they can also cause lag when it comes to loading times. This is a major no-no. If users have to wait too long to access your content or they are forced to reload, chances are good they’ll simply give up and move on to the next listing on their Google search query.
  4. Make it easy to share. These days, users are all about sharing their awesome finds with their friends, and this modern “word of mouth” could be a godsend for your business. So make it easy for visitors to like, share, and repost your content, links to your site, and information about your social media pages. If you want to improve your website usability, making it easy to share is a crucial step towards spreading your name, bringing in more targeted traffic, and turning your customers into brand ambassadors.
  5. Optimize for mobile. One of the best web design tips for the modern online entrepreneur is not to ignore the value of expanding into mobile space. With more and more people relying on smartphones and tablets for all of their web surfing needs, you absolutely cannot afford to alienate the mobile audience with a website that is difficult to view on a handset.

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