5 Tips for Using Videos on Your Website to Generate Traffic and Sales

Video can be a powerful and immediate tool to generate traffic and sales. One video could have the power to completely transform your entire business. If you are a small business or a start up, this can be incredibly beneficial and it can skyrocket your business to a place where you are really competing your specific industry or niche. However, if you want to use video as a powerful selling tool, you want to make sure that all your ducks are lined up before you start production. Not only do you want a strong idea with viral capabilities, but you also want your video to be positioned for the widest amount of exposure. Here are five tips for using videos on your website to generate traffic and sales.

  1. Make it funny or interesting. One of the main reasons why you want to go through a lengthy brainstorming process is because you want to make sure that your video inspires people to hit the share button. If people aren’t sharing your video, it won’t have the power to convert visits to your website into sales. So, your first goal is to come up with a funny or interesting idea.
  2. Use high definition or high quality cameras and equipment. You don’t need a full production house to create a viral video, but it will help to have a professional camera and maybe even a professional camera operator. If your video looks shaky, amateur or low definition, people won’t want to watch it and they certainly won’t want to share it. These days, people have higher definition computer screens and don’t want to see videos that look like they were created on an antiquated cell phone.
  3. Make the video as short as possible. You don’t want to feature an hour-long epic, because you will undoubtedly lose people’s interest. Ideally, you want to make the video no more than a minute long. Just like a commercial, you want to pack in all the information you need to pack in without making the video looked crammed. If your video is too long, you want to find some clever and creative way to cut it down.
  4. Choose the right video sharing platform. It is important that you upload your video to a site that has built in viral capabilities. The video sharing platform should be well known, but it should also make it easy for people to share the video on social media and with friends. Also, the platform should offer the ability to add meta data so people can more easily find the video by making a search query.
  5. Share the video on your website and social media page. Once your video is finished and uploaded, you want to add the video to your website. You can easily add it to the welcome or landing page of your website, or you can add the video in your social media feed. This will effectively boost its exposure – the more exposure, the higher your sales conversions.

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