5 on-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Traffic and Rankings

The best place to start your SEO campaign is on your actual webpage. Many people who are new to the whole search engine optimization thing are intimidated and don’t know where to begin. Oftentimes, though, it is important to begin your campaign at home base. There are many techniques and strategies you can use that can boost your rankings, but it is important to look at your campaign from a macro perspective. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to increase sales conversions? Do you want to decrease the bounce rate? Also, while it is very hard to¬†master SEO without Google Analytics, there are also other tools you can use. Here are five on-page SEO techniques to boost your traffic and rankings.

  1. Offer a relevant experience. Relevancy is the golden ticket when it comes to your on-page SEO campaign. If there isn’t relevancy, you don’t have much to go on. So, you want to ensure that the website has content that people actually want to read. The content can also be information that is useful and makes the visitors experience easier and more intuitive. Search engines will look for relevancy when they are ranking a certain website.
  2. Use markers that let the search engines know your website is optimized. The major search engines use digital bots – sometimes known as spiders – that crawl the web looking for content that is gibberish and content that can actually make an Internet user’s experience more enriching. So, when you are optimizing your site, you want to use markers that tick off the bots. For instance, keyword queries and back links can be like little flags that tell these bots to come and check out your site.
  3. Create original content. Duplicated content, copied content, and plagiarized content are poison for a website’s optimization campaign. So, you want to make sure to offer nothing but legitimate and original content. For instance, if you have a blog, you want to have original articles that are well written and actually have something to say. So, if you aren’t sure of your writing skills, you may want to hire a professional writer or web copy creator.
  4. Optimize your URLs. The web uses an esoteric language to operate. While on the surface everything looks pretty clean and simple to understand – underneath it all is a complex language spoken by robots and bandwidth frequencies. When it comes to your URLs, you want to make sure that you optimize them for the web. Instead of having random characters and numbers for your URLs, try to make them actual keywords. Optimizing your URL’s can hugely boost your rankings.
  5. Increase your website’s speed. Another important factor in increasing a website’s ranking is to make the website load more quickly. Again, in order to provide a better experience for web users, the search engine bots will look for speed. The faster a website is, the higher it will go in the rankings. So, make sure to work with your web programmer to find ways to make your website quick to load and easy to navigate.

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