5 Great Apps to Use When Applying to College

When applying to college, you have lots of different things to keep in order. Not only are you worrying about entrance essays, college applications, school grades and financial aid, but you are also prepping for SAT, ACT and AP exams to improve your chances of admittance to your top choice schools. To help simplify the process a bit, many apps are now available to students who are applying to college. These apps aim to make the process simpler, more seamless and much more convenient. Here are 5 great apps to use when applying to college.

  1. College Board app is a great resource for students applying to colleges. This app allows user to view their SAT and AP scores once they are available from the convenience of a phone or tablet. This means you’ll never have to wait in suspense to get your scores–you can see them immediately the day they are posted, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. In addition, this app provides users with an SAT question of the day to help students prep for the entrance exam and also gives access to MyCollegeQuickstart.
  2. If you are still studying for your SAT and are struggling to bring your math scores up, consider downloading the Adapster: SAT Math by Empire Edge app to your tablet, iPhone, or android. This app quizzes you on relevant SAT math formulas, facts and equations. Plus, it notes when you answer a question incorrectly so that you can get more practice with similar problems. If you need an explanation about a certain answer, you can also get a written out explanation about how to arrive at the correct response so that you learn the skills needed to answer the question right the next time you see a similar problem.
  3. If SAT vocabulary is your focus, broaden your vocab skills with the Princeton Review SAT Vocab Challenge. This app can help you t enhance your knowledge of vocabulary words and their meanings so that you can easily answer questions on the SAT. This app uses 250 of the most commonly used SAT vocabulary words to prep you appropriately. It also has four different timed games to provide you with variety. The games test you on the definitions, synonyms, antonyms, connotations and more.
  4. The Common Application is a great way to apply to multiple schools on one application, saving you time and energy. This convenient site now has a mobile page that works great on any tablet or mobile device. You can check the status of applications, see what you still need to add to your app, and even submit your documents when the application is complete.
  5. Finally, if you are trying to get college credits by acing your AP exams with a 4 or a 5, you can use the gWhiz apps for android or iPhone. gWhiz offers a variety of apps to help you score high. They give info about how to score a 5 on English, U.S. History, foreign languages and more. These are fantastic resources that will be sure to make a difference when you get your test results back.
    When preparing to apply for college, you need to have information, scores and knowledge at the tip of your fingers at all times. Whether you plan on attending a 4 year college or pursuing your social work degree online, you will be able to put your best foot forward with these apps to make a great first impression. With these fantastic apps, you will have everything you need to glide through test prep, applications and more!

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