5 Great Organization Apps for Overwhelmed College Students

College can be seriously overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about doing well in all your courses, but you also have to worry about keeping a healthy social life. When it comes down to it college has its fair share of freedom, but most of the time you will be working really hard. This is the reason why college students need a little assistance. However, help isn’t hard to attain and most of the time it is free, especially with the abundance of smartphone and tablet applications that can help manage your stress and your workload. No matter if you go to¬†Adelphi University or UCLA, these apps may just make life easier. Here are give great organization apps for overwhelmed college students.

  1. AnyDo. In college, managing life can be difficult – your social life and your school life. This application allows students to keep a detailed list of homework assignments, papers to write, research to do and parties to attend. At then end of the day, sometimes having a list of all the things you need to complete can be really helpful in taking your stress down a few notches.
  2. Spotify. When it comes down to it, sometimes a little music can do wonders in reducing stress, but oftentimes, music can be expensive to purchase when you are a broke college student. Spotify is amazing because it allows you to listen to any music you want – for free. Music can be important to study with and it can help when you need to decompress. Also, if you want to be the life of the party, it may just be your playlist that makes or breaks a party’s fun factor. At then end of the day, this is the essential music application for college students.
  3. Mint. Managing your money in college can be difficult. When it comes down to it, saving money can be even harder. It seems that you are always in the red – thanks to rent, bills or other miscellaneous expenses. Mint is amazing because it will link up to your personal checking account and it will break down all your spending. It will even tell you where you are spending too much money, so that you can find a way to save.
  4. iHomework. This may be the essential application for overwhelmed college students. Basically, this application allows you to keep track of all your homework and study assignments, so that you don’t find yourself in class without a paper that one of your professors assigned you to do. If you have a full course load, this application may just be a life saver in organizing all your assignments, so that you are never late again.
  5. EasyBib. Writing bibliographies and citation lists can be a real drag, especially after you completed a long, multiple-page research paper. With this application, you can easily scan your research books and the application will create the bibliography or citation list for you – all in the style of your paper. At the end of the day, this application will reduce stress and it will save you time.

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