5 Ways That College Professors Are Using Social Media in the Classroom

Although a lot of people use social media as a way to connect with old friends or to get the latest celebrity news, there’s another reason why it’s such a popular tool. It’s because social media makes it easier to learn. Thanks to its various platforms, students can connect with teachers and other students via Facebook and Twitter. And also, college professors can use many of its other websites to teach in creative and innovative ways. In fact, a recent article indicated that approximately 41 percent of teachers are using social media in their classrooms. That’s a lot of professors.

If you’re curious to know about some of the ways that college professors are effectively using social media in the classroom, we have enclosed five of them below:

College professors are requesting their students create a blog for their class. Whether it’s a creative writing, foreign language, marketing, broadcast journalism or English class, there are a lot of professors who are asking their students to create a written or video blog in order to present some of their assignments. Not only is this an eco-friendly approach, but it’s also a smart way to get their students more deeply integrated into cyberspace.

College professors are using Google Hangout. Being that many classes are taught online, one way that teachers can have face-to-face interaction with their students is by using Google Hangout. This is also a really smart option for adjunct teachers who may want to meet with students but need to do it outside of on campus office hours.

College professors are using hashtags to make certain announcements. There are teachers on Twitter who are using it to make all kinds of announcements. When they have a guest speaker coming to their class, if they want to get a discussion centered around a certain topic or there is a deadline for a particular kind of assignment, hashtags are clever ways to get the word out.

College professors are using Second Life to teach their students about the online world. Say that you’re in school in order to get a digital marketing degree. Well, you might have a professor who requires you to create a Second Life profile for their class. If you’re not familiar with Second Life, it’s a website that allows you to literally create another imaginary world where you can make your own avatar and create a lifestyle with themes like “fantasy”, “fashion and style” and even “music”. Many teachers use Second Life as a way to illustrate the power of things like online identity and online community building.

College professors are using Instagram and the Vine for creative purposes. If you’re taking a fashion design, real estate, photography, video or broadcast communication class, your professors might ask that you use an app like Instagram or the Vine to take certain photographs or record impromptu videos. It’s an effective way to see how you are able to merge creativity with time-sensitivity. Plus, these apps allow you to send emails to your professors immediately rather than waiting until your next class session, proving that social media in college classrooms are smart, convenient and a sign of evolution on college campuses worldwide.

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