5 Useful Mobile Apps for Busy MBA Students

When you enter an MBA program you’re going to deal with a time crunch that makes your undergrad coursework seem like child’s play. There’s just no getting around the fact that a master’s program is far more intensive, and you’re going to have to find ways to organize and prioritize in order to ensure that you keep your grades up and graduate on time. As it happens, there is no shortage of mobile apps designed to help busy students like yourself manage the demands of an MBA program. Here are just a few that can keep you on track while you earn your degree.

  1. Which MBA? Before you ever start working towards your MBA, you’ll need to select a school that meets your needs. This app from The Economist can help you to decide. With customizable criteria that lets you rate the importance of 20 different factors, along with rankings and relevant data for 100 desirable schools, you should have no trouble narrowing down your options in order to select the MBA program that suits you best.
  2. Dropbox. In this day and age, with everything going digital, the major worry for most students revolves around the loss of data. But rather than live in constant fear that you’ll spill coffee on your smartphone or tablet, or worse, that your devices will die, you might want to download Dropbox, an app that grants you free cloud storage and the ability to access your data from anywhere and on any connected device.
  3. TextGrabber. Long gone are the days when you had to haul a cartload of books back to your dorm room in preparation for writing a paper complete with dozens of citations. These days you can leave the books in the library and take away only the section you need, digitized for easier transport and later perusal. With TextGrabber all you have to do is scan documents or snap pics in order to save just the data you want. This will not only make it easy to refer back to later on (as opposed to flipping through mounds of books in search of a passage or quote), but it will definitely reduce the strain on your back from adding dozens of books to your bag.
  4. Priority Matrix. This isn’t your dad’s day planner. Although you have several options when it comes to software for your smartphone designed to help you stay organized and on schedule, Priority Matrix is one program that no MBA student should pass up. Major functionality revolves around project management, including tracking, prioritization, sharing, and delegation. But this app also offers unique, four-quadrant categorization to help you stay on top of tasks, organized by importance. And you’ll enjoy features like updates and cloud syncing that ensure you’re always on task and that you never lose data due to an unexpected device failure.
  5. LinkedIn. Whether you attend Harvard Business School or you’re earning your MBA remotely through an online program likeĀ http://www.onlinemba.umd.edu, you’ll no doubt discover rather quickly that networking is a huge part of a career in business. And one of the best social media apps available for this purpose is LinkedIn. By creating a professional account you can post your resume search for jobs, join and follow groups, and get connected to all kinds of industry contacts, either by adding them to your contact list or asking your contacts for introductions to people on their lists. You might not think you need this app while you’re completing your MBA program, but this is a great time to solidify connections with your fellow students, professors, and even guest lecturers, all of whom could later help you get jobs or even partner on projects.

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