5 Ways That Technology Has Changed the Way That Nurses Do Their Jobs

When it comes to a nurse being able to offer patients the best care possible, technology is one of the most powerful tools. Not only are there smartphone and tablet applications that can broaden a nurse’s information base, but nurses can also use technological tools to connect with patients and to communicate with other healthcare professionals – including other nurses. When it comes down to it, technology is one of the more important tools in the nursing profession, because it also helps save lives. Not only that, but a nurse’s job can also be freed up by technology, especially as most patient records are being stored in the cloud. Here are five ways that technology has changed the way that nurses do their jobs.

  1. More accurate medication administration. When it comes down to it, nurses have to memorize and keep track of a number of different patients’ medications and they have to keep track of when those patients get their medication. Usually, a chart will tell a nurse how much medication to give a patient. However, sometimes too little or too much medication is administered, which can be dangerous for a patient. With advanced applications, nurses have better and more up to date information on the different types of medication that need to be administered and the dosage.
  2. Better learning tools. When it comes down to it, if you visit http://nursingonline.uc.edu, you can find a number of online courses that you can take to get your master’s degree in nursing. Not only will technology broaden your scope of learning as a nurse, but it will also ensure that you do better on exams and learn more information pertaining the nursing field. At the end of the day, technology can make you a better nursing student and thus a better nurse later on.
  3. Access to research. With today’s applications, it makes it easier for nurses to scour research and learn about new studies in the field of medicine. When it comes down to it, if a nurse wants to provide better care for patients, he or she needs to stay up to date with all of this information. For instance, there are many applications that allows nurses to look up symptoms that patients are having, so that you can find better solutions and remedies.
  4. Easier to manage patient records. When it comes down to it, there is a lot of paper work in the nursing field. However, there are many technological tools that can streamline the paperwork process. For instance, patient records can be hard to organize and they can get lost in the shuffle. Yet, with a smartphone or tablet, a patient’s records can be easily stored on a cloud based platform and instantly accessed.
  5. Better communication. One of the main things getting in the way of nurses being able to do their jobs is poor communication. For instance, if you have a patient that needs help, it can be hard to summon help all at once using older technology. With newer technology, however, nurses can contact doctors and other nurses, which can increase the chance of saving a patient’s life.

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