5 Hot Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

It seems that every year website design takes a totally different twist and turn. Like all trends, they come and go, but when it comes to website design, going with the trends could mean the difference between maintaining relevancy and not connecting with customers. The last thing you want for your business, or for your online service, is to lose relevancy and to look old fashion. This is the exact reason why knowing what the trends are – at least six months to a year in advance – is so important. When it comes down to it, you may already be ahead of the curve and only need to make minor tweaks, but other websites may need a major overhaul. Here are five hot web design trends to watch out for in 2014.

  1. Fluorescent and neon colors. In the new year, neon is coming back with a vengeance. Any current or up to date website creation agency, likeĀ Faith Dunbar Creative, knows that hot neon colors are leaping off brick and mortar establishments and on to a website near you. Many of the colors used will be reminiscent of the colors used in 1980s, but with a distinctly post-modern, twenty-first century flare.
  2. No more drop shadows. Not more than a year ago, drop shadows were all the rage. What is a drop shadow? Drop shadows were used to connote depth and three dimensionality – something that a flat computer or smartphone screen couldn’t offer. However, as our screens are getting more high-def, drop shadows are becoming less necessary when it comes to making website elements come to life. With today’s screens, elements, like logos and buttons, come to life on their own – without the help of visual trickery.
  3. Typography mixing. Like any good drink – it tastes the best when mixed. You can apply this same principle to website design. In the old days, the pervading theory was that having more than one type of font looked messy. However, in 2014 you will start to see a panoply of different type treatments being used on one website. For instance, the logo may be one font, but the main header may be another font. In addition, the body font may be another font altogether. When it comes down to it, you want to make the text readable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step out of the box a little bit.
  4. More response. Another design trend that you will start to see in 2014 has to do with screen resolution more than anything else. When it comes to website response, more and more website designers and programmers are building websites for different sized screens. As smartphones and tablets become more popular, it is becoming important to be able to view a website on a phone and on a personal desktop computer.
  5. Infinite scrolling. Instead of having to jump from page to page, many websites are implementing the option for viewers to scroll infinitely. For instance, if you get to the end of the page, another page may pop automatically. As newer and faster scripts are being developed, website designers are finding newer and better ways for people to scroll and jump from page to page.

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