IPhone App HouseCall Helps Homeowners Find Service Professionals

As any seasoned homeowner has probably discovered, the average property needs no shortage of maintenance and repairs. And unless you’re the type of DIY go-getter that likes to watch YouTube videos to learn how to flush a hot water heater, service the HVAC system, replace the wax seal in a toilet, or rewire a junction box, just for example, chances are good that you’re going to need some in-home service providers sooner rather than later. Even those who like to tinker with the innards of their home might be looking for a landscaper or infrequent housekeeping services. Regardless, there are a few ways you can find what you’re looking for. But if you exhaust your trusted referrals and you doubt the veracity of reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, you might not know where to turn next. Luckily, there is a solution on the horizon, and the HouseCall app for iPhone may soon be available in your area.

Unfortunately, this useful service is only currently available in certain test neighborhoods in San Diego, although the developer has noted plans to continue the rollout (no dates or cities yet listed). But that’s no reason not to get amped up about what this freebie has to offer in terms of potentially connecting you to the local service providers you seek with little more than a few simple taps and swipes on your smartphone. And according to HouseCall CEO and co-founder Ian Heidt, the app was designed help homeowners “find good, reliable, local help” while providing “ease and transparency to the world of local home services.” When you try the app, you’ll no doubt agree that they’ve hit the mark on both scores.

HouseCall is ridiculously easy to navigate, for one thing. You’ll start by selecting a category of services (electrical, plumbing, tech, housekeeping, gardening, etc.), after which you’ll either enter a problem you’re having or a specific job type you’re seeking. Then you will be provided with a listing of vendors in your area that are qualified to meet your needs. Each listing will come complete with a name and photo of the service provider, as well as a base price (for routine service), a user rating (out of 5 stars), and an ETA. Once you select a vendor from the list you’ll be taken to a bio page of sorts that not only offers additional information, but also the opportunity to request service now or schedule an appointment if the vendor isn’t available or your concern isn’t immediate.

And when your appointment time is approaching you can use the app to track your vendor and see an updated ETA, so you’re not waiting around all day with no clue of when your service provider might show up. Best of all, you can complete your transaction by paying with a credit card securely through the application, locking in your agreed-upon price and relieving you of the burden of paying by check or with cash. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an electrician to provide you with tips for saving energy or you could use the help of a maid service when it comes to getting your house spic-and-span for holiday guests – HouseCall can connect you to the service providers you need post haste. Sadly, most of us will just have to check back to see when it becomes available in new areas.

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