How to Save Money on the Hottest Holiday Tech Gifts

Holiday shopping is an exciting time of year. You have your loved ones’ wish lists and venture out to the stores in search of the hottest items of the season. While it is fun, it can also get very pricey very quickly. Especially when purchasing tech gadgets, your holiday shopping budget can drain fast if you aren’t armed with the best money saving tips and tricks. Here are some tips to help you to save lots of money on the most popular holiday tech gifts so that you can get your loved ones the toys they want most without breaking the bank.

  1. First, your best bet for large tech gift savings is to shop during Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday sales begin on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. These sales are found online for one day only. This is your chance to save significantly on the tech items your family members want for the holidays. You can save over 60% in some cases, which can give you a lot of extra wiggle room in your holiday budget! Just be sure to get online early so that you can get deals before items run out of before promotions expire.
  2. Buy the previous version of a tech gadget. While everyone wants the newest, latest thing, the previous models of a tech items such as an iPhone or tablet are really not very different from the current model aside from a few minor aesthetic or operational changes and tweaks. When a new model comes out, the previous version is often sold at a steep discount since it isn’t the “newest”. However, you will still be able to purchase a quality gadget at an affordable price. For example, since the iPhone5S came out, iPhone4 phones are sold for $50 or even free with a new contract from your cell service provider. This can save you hundreds!
  3. Don’t get sucked in to buying additional warranty or insurance plans; these are huge holiday budget killers. Unless it is really necessary, avoid these extra charged. Often tech equipment has a 1-year warranty when you buy it, so you are covered for any issues during tat first year anyways. If your loved one wants to add the service on later, they can do so.
  4. Purchase an alternative to the tech item on your shopping list. While Apple products are typically all the rage, they aren’t the only product on the market. If you cannot afford a $500 plus iPad, look instead to the Kindle Fire tablet, which sells for a fraction of the price at about $159. These more affordable options have all the same features and qualities but will not drain your bank account.
  5. Finally, try shopping on discount tech sites whenever possible. If you buy directly from the manufacturer such as Microsoft or Apple, you will almost always pay full price. However, discount sites offer deals and discounts that you won’t find in the stores, so they are worth checking out!

Anytime you shop for holiday tech gifts, keep these critical tips in mind. They will often save you lots of money, even hundreds of dollars on gifts so that you don’t have to blow your holiday budget on one present! Shop Cyber Monday and look forĀ Best Buy codes, shop discount tech sites, avoid insurance plans, look for alternatives, and shop the previous model of a device for the best deals out there!

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