3-D Printed Plastic Guns Explosive in Testing

When 3-D printing was first introduced into the marketplace, it caused quite a media stir—and with just cause. Gone are the days when we have to solely rely on a computer image. Thanks to this innovative form of 3-D printing technology, people can design prototypes of all kinds of things that they can literally hold in their hands, edit and then get a final “copy” of within just a matter of hours.

As a matter of fact, 3-D printing has become so popular that the Smithsonian Institute is actually using it to send tangible versions of many of their displays. Plus, there are 3-D printing companies that are in the process of trying to get at least one 3-D printer in every school in the country.

However, as of late, 3-D printing has been making headlines for a particular kind of design that actually has some lawmakers concerned: 3-D printed plastic guns. That’s right. There are actually manufacturers who are using this brilliant form of technology in order to create handguns that are totally made out of plastic.

That within itself is not necessarily the cause for alarm. After all, guns are made every single day. The issue is that lawmakers fear many of the guns that may be sold to customers will not have any metal inside of them. If that is the case, those forms of weaponry will be virtually undetectable when people walk through metal detectors.

There’s one more reason why this particular kind of gun could become a real issue. According to several recent reports, the federal government has actually been conducting a few tests of their own by creating some plastic gun prototypes. What they discovered is potentially hazardous, at best. That’s because one of the models that they actually made and tested literally exploded when the gun was fired.

It would appear that a gun that is made out of VisiJet material is not able to withstand being fired (although ones that are made out of ABS material can). And because of this, Earl Griffith, chief of ATF firearms technology, has publicly went on record stating that guns made out of that material are considered to be lethal weapons.

This is definitely something that gun manufacturers or websites likeĀ www.Shooting.org are not going to be happy to hear but for the individuals who are actually not in support of non-metal weaponry, it could work highly in their favor. That’s because December 9 marks the day when the law which states that non-detectable guns are banned within the United States is scheduled to expire.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic U.S. Senator for New York, has stated that this is something that all of us should take very seriously because the combination of the 3-D printed plastic gun along with the expiration of this particular law is the perfect formula for a threat turning into a “terrifying reality”.

And while only will truly reveal if that is true, one thing we do know for sure. If plastic guns are exploding upon firing, 3-D printing might need to be used for other things than weaponry.

At least for now.

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