5 Essential Apps for Truckers

If you’re someone who happens to drive trucks for a living, then we’re pretty sure that you know a lot about the benefits that come with being in this kind of profession. Not only do you receive excellent pay but a truck driver’s schedule tends to be pretty flexible. Plus, the industry is known for providing really good benefits. As a matter of fact, if happen to be one of the best drivers on your assigned route, many companies will offer you bonuses on top of our regular salary too.

So, in the effort of helping you to excel in your truck driving position, we wanted to provide you with what we feel are five essential apps for truckers below:

Weather Channel. Before you head out on the road, it can definitely work to your advantage to find out what the weather is going to be like. Thanks to the Weather Channel app, you can. Not only does it give you the latest on forecasts in virtually every city in every state but it also lets you customize it in order to receive personalized weather bulletins as it relates to impending storms or precipitation while you’re on the road.

Beat the Traffic. One thing that all truck drivers have is a pretty strict schedule when it comes to the drop offs that they need to make. Well, one app that can help you to get exactly where you need to go, on time, is Beat the Traffic. That’s because it’s specifically designed to provide real time information on things like construction and accidents. Plus, you can use it to receive alerts about traffic delays. You can also use it to save information on shorter routes that are available so that you’ll know where to go the next time you’re headed in that same direction.

Fuelbook. Something that you’re going to need to do while on your trips is stop at a few gas stations and with the help of the Fuelbook app, you can find the cheapest places to fill up your tank no matter where you are. The app is so efficient that it actually updates itself six times per day so that you are able to see what the current fuel prices are while you’re traveling. Plus, it also lists things like truck stop services and available parking for trucks at gas stations too.

Skype. Sometimes it can get a bit lonely on the road, especially if you happen to travel alone. However, with the Skype app, you can stay in touch with your family members and friends. It offers free instant messaging, voice and video calls and video messaging too.

ITSTrucker. If you were to go onto a website such asĀ GotoTrucks.com for detailed information on the trucking industry, one app that it might recommend that you download is ITSTrucker. The brilliant thing about this particular app is that it displays all of the loads that are being delivered in your area. It also has a direct dial feature that allows you to call your customers while en route while also giving you the ability to put your load on the app’s main posting board too. It’s actually one of the most popular apps in the trucking industry so make sure get it just as soon as possible. It will make getting to where you need to go so much easier (and quicker).

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