Must-Have Equipment for Your Mobile Office

One of the beautiful things about working for yourself or as a freelancer is that you can work from virtually anywhere in the world! When you take your work with you, you still need to have some essential items handy to develop an on the go “mobile office”. Here are some of the most important piece of equipment every freelancer should have for their mobile office.

  1. First, be sure to purchase a laptop. This is somewhat obvious since without a computer, you will not have access to your work information, files or programs. A computer will allow you to send emails, search the web, and create documents. In some cases you may be able to use a tablet such as an iPad or iPad Mini depending on your field of work. Using a laptop that is powerful can actually replace your at home desktop computer if you desire.
  2. Once you have your laptop, it is important that you backup your files and information regarding work. If you work on various different computers, you should use a file sharing service such as SugarSync or Dropbox that will allow you to access your information from any computer with Wi-Fi access. In addition, you may choose to sync your information to a cloud service so that even if a computer crashes, your information is stored safely.
  3. Make sure you will have reliable Wi-Fi access. While there are often many places where you can connect to Wi-Fi such as a Starbuck or Panera Bread location, these are not always reliable and at times the connection may be weak or spotty. To ensure you will have the appropriate Wi-Fi services needed, you can purchase high-speed wireless access from your cell phone provider to be used on your phone, smart devices, tablets, or computer as needed.
  4. Ditch the paper trail. While documents may be necessary, if you work from a mobile office you need to make sure all files are uploaded on your computer. This helps to reduce instances of leaving paperwork at home or in another location. Try scanning any hard copies of documents into your computer for access to them anytime, anywhere.
  5. Make sure you have a phone and fax service. A cell phone is a must have when you work from a mobile office. This will allow you to keep in touch with work contacts or clients while on the go. You may also choose to separate your personal cell line from your work line by setting up a virtual phone line. Also, a fax service is necessary and can be done digitally. This will ensure that you are always accessible for your clients and co-workers.

When working on the go, these essential pieces of equipment will help ensure that you have everything you need when out and about. In addition, it will ensure that your clients can reach you conveniently from anywhere in the world. Be sure to have a powerful laptop, cloud storage, reliable Wi-Fi, all documents on the computer, and a phone and fax service such asĀ OnlineFaxService for a successful mobile business experience.

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