5 Geeky Holiday Gifts That Are Perfect for Techie Kids

These days, kids are more technologically literate than they use to be. Many of today’s kids aren’t just playing video games – they are creating them. In a world of instant access and instant gratification, today’s kids don’t want the newest and shiniest, they want the most compact and technologically advanced. If your job is to play Santa this year, there is a good chance that you have a techie on your nice list. Luckily, there are a plethora of techie toys, games and gifts that you can get this holiday season that will surely impress. Here are five geek holiday gifts that are perfect for techie kids.

  1. Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears. These amazing cat ears are fun for both boys and girls. These cat ears combine fashion, fun and technology. Basically, these cat ears fit over your head and then read your brain waves. If you are feeling a certain emotion, the cat ears will respond accordingly. If you are happy, the ears will perk up. If you are sad, they will droop. Designed in Japan, these cat ears are perhaps the first toy that is accessible to children that will respond back.
  2. A Kindle. If your geek, tech genius of a child is a super reader and can’t get enough of every fantasy novel that comes out, there is a good chance that they will greatly enjoy a new high-definition Kindle book reader. With these amazing readers, you can store hundreds of different books and whenever you want to start reading one, they are instantly available. Not only that, but these readers are easy to focus your eyes on and you don’t have to worry about a place to put all your new books. You can read all about new tablet readers at Toybuzz.org.
  3. Minecraft Foam Sword. If your child is a Minecraft geek, there is a good chance the he or she will get a kick out of the new Minecraft Foam Sword. The sword is a true original from the one you’ll find in the game - pixels and all. If your child has an ever growing Minecraft collection growing, this sword is a must have. Best of all, it is foam, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking and you don’t need to worry about your child hurting his or herself.
  4. Scrolling Led Belt Buckle. This is a great gift for any geeky kid who loves technology. What can be more fun than LED light and when you combine that with a really cool belt buckle, you will get loads of excitement and curiosity. Best of all, they can program the belt to say whatever they want it to say. No doubt, this belt buckle will be a serious statement of geek pride.
  5. Mirror Universe Led Digital Watch. This amazing LED watch looks just like a mirror, but it is perfectly designed to tell the time, date and even weather. Not only is this watch a technological wonder, but it is also fun to wear and it is stylish.

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