5 Great Test Prep Apps for College Students

The biggest resource to college students today is a collection of highly effective applications that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Next to¬†online tutoring and various test taking strategies, these applications are helping college students do better on their exams and get better grades in their courses. The best part is that many of these applications are either free or extremely affordable – affordable enough for any college student’s budget. When it comes to college courses, tests can be harder and much more dynamic than in any other grade level, so it is important to study using all the tools you can get your hands on. Here are five great test prep apps for college students.

  1. Flashcards. This app is exactly how it sounds – it is basically the digital equivalent of every test taker’s best friend and ally: flash cards. However, having a set of flash cards on your smart phone or tablet is much more efficient. For one, you don’t have to keep going to get more flash cards. With this application, you have all the flash cards you need, and if you mess up, you can always refresh the app. The app also efficiently organizes all your cards accordingly.
  2. iFormulas. This app is the college math student’s new best friend. You can think of this amazing application as a reference guide that can help with basic formulas in algebra, calculus and much more. No matter if you are taking an advanced math course or something a little more simple, with this application, you can always reference different theorems and formulas, which can be hugely beneficial if you are stumped on a problem or are trying to grasp a certain concept. When it comes to acing your math exams, this app is a must-have.
  3. inClass. This is an application that allows you to organize and protect all your notes that you take throughout a course. When it comes to studying for an exam, why go through all your notebooks to find the most important stuff when you can always flip through this application and find just what you need. When it comes to studying for exams, it can be critical to have all your notes all laid out and organized, especially if you need to reference them for the sake of the exam.
  4. Khan Academy. You can think of this amazing application as your go to guide – from math to personal finance and everything in between. This application is quickly gaining traction amongst college students who reference the nearly 2,500 videos and tutorials that this app has to offer. Not only that, but Khan Academy works with people in the academic field, so you know that when you download this application that you are getting a world of invaluable knowledge.
  5. Grammar Up. If grammar is your biggest problem when you are taking written exams, this amazing application will help you brush up, so that when you finally get to the essay portion of the test, you can write a well thought out thesis and your argument – with limited grammatical errors. When it comes down to it, if you have grammatical errors, your written portion will be harder to read and you will get a lower grade.

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