Tesla Partners With AT&T for High-Speed Wireless in Cars

Do you remember when we used to get inside of our cars and we were happy just to have the radio on or a CD player that worked? Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, we can get more than those basic kinds of features in our vehicle. Companies like Google are creating autonomous vehicles and communications giants such as AT&T are discovering ways for us to have some of the amenities that we’re used to having at home—in our cars.

Take having Wi-Fi, for example. Most of us were so excited when we found out that we could be connected to the internet no matter where we were in our homes. Then, when businesses started offering free Wi-Fi service as well, we thought that it couldn’t get any better than that. Well, thanks to a recent announcement about a partnership that AT&T now has with the electric car company Tesla, many individuals (in the passenger seats, that is) will be able to surf the internet, send emails and watch YouTube channels on their laptops and tablets even while they’re running errands or taking a long road trip.

That’s because AT&T has recently made the announcement that their connection services will now be available to all (yes, all) Tesla automobiles. Not only does this make riding in the cars that much more of an exciting and in many ways convenient experience but with the added modems and SIM cards, AT&T can also use real-time data in order to test things like a driver’s habits and usage, diagnostics and also their radio signals too.

As a matter of fact, AT&T is so excited about the partnership that they have actually invested in a M2M-focused center that will be known as The Foundry of Atlanta in preparation for what they expect the partnership deal will bring.

And while some people are already speculating that the transition is a sign of bigger things to come, and while AT&T (and Tesla, for that matter) have been pretty quiet about the exact details of the deal, one thing that the communications giant has gone on record as stating is that it’s going to be a simple deal; that there’s not going to be a lot of bells-and-whistles to it.

However, if you’ve watched AT&T’s track record in times past, you already know that they tend to be full of surprises. So far they have taken General Motor’s OnStar feature from one of their main competitors Verizon and it wasn’t too long ago that they also joined up with Sirius XM in order to provide their services to Nissan car models in North America. Therefore, we’re pretty certain that there is more that we can expect from them whether it’s by investing in a company such asĀ ISG or partnering up with some other automobile companies.

So, if you are a Tesla car owner or you’re considering becoming one, aside from the fact that they are such efficient vehicles, now you have just one more reason to feel that you’ve made a wise choice: a high-speed wireless car. Amazing.

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