MagicPlan Could Help to Make Real Estate More Appealing

One of the hardest things for most prospective home buyers is to imagine themselves living in a new house. And there’s no denying that it can be difficult to see past the paint colors, carpeting, fixtures, and furnishings that have been chosen by the current tenants. Although modern sellers and their real estate agents are often savvy enough to stage a property in order to make it more presentable, still it can be a challenge for buyers to visualize their own stuff in the home. And if they can’t see themselves living in a home, or they lack sufficient motivation due to the amenities featured, they’re bound to walk away and move on to the next property. Of course, this could be a loss not only for the seller, but for the buyer, as well. A house may not be perfect, but with the right potential and the right price it could become the home of your dreams, if only you can see past what’s in front of your eyes. Luckily, technology has found a way to give you the x-ray specs you need to see the potential in any space. With the MagicPlan application for your iPhone or iPad, any property viewing can turn into a revelatory experience.

Just so you know, the app is not exactly free, even though it’s free to download. You will have to make in-app purchases if you want unfettered access to any floor plans you create. It will cost you $2.99 for one, $19.99 for ten, or $59.99 for forty. You could also pay $19.99 per month for unlimited floor plans. The average homeowner probably won’t need that many, but if you’re shopping around for a house that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a 20-dollar expenditure for an app that can help you find the house of your dreams is not exactly exorbitant. And considering the app consistently holds a 4-star rating on the iTunes store, and most of the complaints center on the fact that plans come out with a watermark unless you pay for them, you can probably see the benefit in splurging a bit.

But what, exactly, does this app have to offer? While this program is ostensible designed to help you create floor plans, it goes about the task in a revolutionary way. Unlike some other apps that force you to measure your spaces old-school (with a measuring tape) and note the dimensions of a room, MagicPlan does the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is open the camera feature, start by pointing it at a corner and tapping on your screen, and then move from corner to corner, tapping at each, until you’ve made a full circuit of the room. Voila! You’ve got a floor plan. And additional features make it easy to add closets, doors, windows, and furniture. Once you’ve got it all in place, you can start to move objects, add colors and textures, and begin to see any space in an entirely new way. Then you simply store your plans on the cloud or export and print them as PDF, JPEG, or other files.

Real estate agents may find apps likeĀ Movoto, Zillow, or Open Home Pro more useful than MagicPlan, but recommending this app to buyers is a great way to help them see the potential in any listing. And once you’ve settled on a house to buy, all you have to do is follow your own floor plans or hand them off to your contractor or interior designer to start making your property into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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