5 Must-Have Apps for Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals

If you are in the healthcare field – whether you are a nurse or a surgeon – it is almost essential that you have some kind of tablet or smart device. And on that smart device or tablet, it is important to have a number of different applications. These applications will allow you to not only perform your job better, but it can also increase the level of care and attention to patients, and it can allow you to better communicate with other healthcare professionals. What happens if you aren’t familiar with a certain symptom? What happens if you are unsure of how to treat a patient with a certain diagnosis? Just like we evolve, so does medicine, so it is critical to have the tool in order to evolve together. Here are five must-have apps for hospitals and healthcare professionals.

  1. Medscape. This is a vital tool for hospitals and healthcare providers. If you are in a CNA certification online program or if your are a neurosurgeon at a top hospital, it is critical to have this application on your smartphone or tablet. Not only does this application have thousands of different treatments and medications to identify, but it also has numerous different procedures. This application also comes with full color photographs and illustrations.
  2. MedPage Today. This is another vital application for medical care professionals. Basically, for doctors it can be hard to always be on the cutting edge of breaking medical news. For instance, new studies, tests and other breakthroughs happen almost everyday. Some of these breakthroughs can change the face of medicine, but not until these studies find their way into the hands of doctors via medical journals and more. With this application, doctors can find out about these breakthroughs as soon as they are published.
  3. MedicalRadio. Digital radio is quickly taking over the FM/AM radio platform – mainly because there are so many more options. Basically, anyone can have their own radio station when it comes to the digital sphere. This application/radio station is a live feed for doctors, nurses and anyone else in the medical field, to learn about new procedures, revolutions in the industry and much more. If doctors want to really be tapped in, they should download this application.
  4. MedCalc. Medical care can be hard to quantify and patients are always wondering how much these treatments are going to cost them. This is because medical treatment can be incredibly expensive, especially if the person needs a serious surgery. With this application, which is free, doctors can easily type in the treatment and get an average as to how much the treatment will cost. Patients can then speak with their insurance company so see what they can get covered and they can decide what to proceed with.
  5. Eponyms. This is a great application for med students. This application has an enormous list of medical conditions and their symptoms. As a training guide, this application is crucial, but as a study guide, this application might just be vital. If you want to succeed in medical school, it would be smart to download this app.

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