BabyCenter App a Must for Moms-to-Be

The first gift you’re likely to get when you find you’re in the family way is a copy of the ubiquitous ‘What to Expect when You’re Expecting’. But if you’re not keen to haul around this tome of pregnancy-related information, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s an app designed to take your data mobile, keeping you informed of what’s happening with your pregnancy on a daily basis, as well as offering handy tools that every expectant mother will appreciate. Whether you’re looking to read up on fetal developments and the changes occurring in your body, you’d like graphics and videos that can provide accurate representations of your pregnancy as it progresses, or you need help keeping track of important milestones throughout the process, the My Pregnancy Today application from BabyCenter can give you the data, tools, and connectivity needed to keep you in tune with your pregnancy. Here’s what you’ll get with your free download.

Like the many books on pregnancy available to expectant mothers like yourself, this app will provide you with a guide that not only details the ways in which your baby is growing and developing on a day-to-day basis, but also tells you about the changes that are occurring in your own body. You’ll be happy to hear that the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board approves all information before it is made available, so you can be sure the data you receive is valuable and accurate. And of course, this information is supplemented with both graphics and videos for your perusal. But there’s a lot more to this application than simple data pertaining to swollen extremities, food cravings, and your baby’s developing respiratory system and brain function.

For one thing, you’ll no doubt enjoy the tracking functionality provided by the app. The pregnancy checklist, for example, ensures that you’re always aware of upcoming appointments and the app will push weekly notifications to keep you informed of important developments, helping you count down to your delivery date. You can also track observations related to your pregnancy, such as when and how often your baby is kicking. And you can use the program to put together a baby registry, as well. With helpful hints about what you’ll need to prepare for your baby’s impending arrival, you should have no trouble creating a complete registry so that your family and friends can contribute to creating a safe and comfortable home environment for your newborn.

More importantly, you’ll find that you’re not alone when you use this app. Pregnancy can certainly be a miraculous time in a woman’s life, but it can also be frustrating and confusing. During these times you might want to talk to other pregnant women who know what you’re going through. The app allows for birth clubs that connect you with other mothers-to-be, and it can even hook you up with users that are due at the same time so that you can connect with those who are at your same stage of pregnancy. Whether you want to know what to expect in every trimester, you’d like to track the frequency of your baby’s every kick and somersault, or you’re trying to decide if FamilyCord blood banking is right for you, the My Pregnancy Today app from BabyCenter can give you the data and tools you need to plan, prepare, and get through your pregnancy.

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