Egg Baby: a Digital Diversion and More

Every parent knows that it can be difficult to keep kids in check. Their curious nature and adventurous spirit sometimes spurs them to run amok, often when you need them to sit quietly. And while you certainly want to encourage them to engage with the world around them and you’d probably like to foster a love of learning from an early age, you don’t necessarily want them bouncing off the walls in a waiting room or wandering away and getting themselves lost every time you have to turn your attention to something else for a moment. Now, some parents are not keen on the idea of providing children with mobile devices as a way to keep them occupied. And the truth is that you probably don’t want to do this all the time. But these devices are going to play an important role in the future of our society, so allowing kids to familiarize themselves with mobile technology is an important part of their education. The trick is to provide them with the right content. And for young kids, the Egg Baby application could be a good place to start.

This virtual pet game is free to download for the iPhone and iPad, and you’ll find that adults have just as much fun with it as kids. You’ll start off adopting one of several egg types (choose from cloud, ghost, fire, and more), after which you’ll begin a journey that requires you to care for your egg, keeping it healthy and happy until it’s ready to hatch. As you may have guessed, this requires you to feed, clothe, clean, and pay attention to your egg, but there’s more to it than tapping a button. Thanks to interactive touch controls and gyroscopic functionality, you can tickle your egg to keep it happy and shift your device from side-to-side in order to rock your baby to sleep. Kids will no doubt enjoy this opportunity to use the many cool features inherent to mobile devices. As you progress you’ll earn coins (or you can buy them via in-app purchase options) with which to buy outfits, food, and other items your egg babies will love.

Thanks to recent updates you can also take advantage of a variety of fun mini games designed to ensure that you’re never bored, as well as provide you with more opportunities to earn coins. And when eggs are decorated to perfection you can take snapshots to share with friends, a social feature that school-age kids are sure to appreciate. But of course, there’s one aspect of this game that parents will appreciate more than just the diversionary benefits. If you’re thinking of taking on the responsibility of a family pet, this game provides an excellent teaching tool for kids, as well as a means of gauging their relative commitment to a pet. If they can’t keep their egg babies alive through regular feedings and proper care then perhaps they’re not yet ready for the real deal.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that serious. This game could just be a fun way to connect with your kids and introduce them to technology that is likely to play a role in their lives from here on out. Even tots that still spend their time in theĀ play yard can tap, swipe, and shake to their heart’s content as they nurture an egg until it hatches, revealing the creature inside. And you’ll probably find that the gameplay is just as addictive to adults as it is to kids. Whether you’re looking for a game that will keep kids occupied in public or you want to teach them what it takes to care for a pet before you bring a live animal into the picture, Egg Baby can offer what you seek in a game that is cute, fun, and suitable for the whole family.

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