Top 10 Laptops for College Students

macbook vs vaio laptop students Top 10 Laptops for College StudentsGetting back to school must be exciting. However, college students have more challenges and they need appropriate laptop to support them. What make the best choices for laptop? The following are considered the best right now.

#1. Sony VAIO Pro 11

This laptop is empowered with Intel Core i7 and the touch screen display is on high resolution. The laptop is really light and thin, and has the stylish ultra sharp look.

#2. Sony VAIO Duo 13

This laptop is so thin and light. The screen offers brilliant performance with much better viewing angle. This hybrid laptop has long battery life and very stylish design for youngsters.

#3. Acer Aspire P3-171- 6820

This hybrid laptop is affordable. There are others better on market, but this one is satisfying with i5 CPU and Bluetooth keyboard. The battery life is good, and very handy.Samsung ATIV Book college students Top 10 Laptops for College Students

#4. Samsung ATIV Book 7

This laptop does not only offers great performance but also style. The entire surface is covered with metal design, offering solid and sleek look.

#5. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

This laptop can be the solution for both tablet and laptop. The detachable screen offers flexibility and the keyboard offers more connectivity than ever. In addition to it, the battery life is really satisfying.

#6. Dell Inspiron 15z

The design is not very attractive. It is thick and it looks like traditional laptop. But this one offers even more features than others and it works incredibly fast.

#7. Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch

This laptop may look ordinary but it offers complete and advance features. People prefer to this one to get the performance as well as complete features.

#8. Lenovo G580

This laptop is also a very performing laptop with rich features and nice quality. The price is a lot more affordable, and it can even be considered cheap enough for such performance.

#9. Acer C7 Chromebook

This is the best Chromebook on market. The performance is highly satisfying. It works on faster and better platform. In addition to it, the battery is long lasting.

#10. Apple MacBook Air

The 13 inch version makes favourite choice. The screen is so brilliant, and the i5 processor makes a decent support. The best part of it is the 15 hours battery life.

Each of the laptop has different specification and they may serve differently as well. Finding the right one will be examining the specs and our budget. Do not forget to consider college requirements.

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