9 DOs and DONTs for Successful Technical PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint presentation design ideas 9 DOs and DONTs for Successful Technical PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint presentation is supposed to be helpful. However, we often find it difficult, mostly caused by nervous feeling. Basically, there are principals we need to follow for successful presentation. Learn from it and see how we still make mistake.

#1. Use Example

Find recording on other people presentation or memorize them. Learn how they communicate and don’t repeat their mistakes. Take notes and reflect the entire findings on how you do it. It gives you point to develop and eliminate.

#2. Image and Words

Make sure that you make attractive presentation using enough images, powerful ones, to describe your point. Don’t fill the entire pages with words since no one wants to read while someone is standing and explaining.

#3. Show Passion

People like to listen to someone who explains things with passion and vision. Show them how you think about your points. Passion engages them to thinking. Don’t use monotonous tone of voice, or worse, read the presentation.

#4. Humour Use

Humour can make your presentation a lot better. Use appropriate ones on the right time so audience do not get bored. Don’t be dry and inhuman. Wrong choice on humour can kill the entire presentation.

#5. Engage the Audience

We will need to understand our audience first. Know them and make sure they are interactively engage on the presentation. Don’t forget to look at them and involve them on the discussion.powerpoint presentation design 9 DOs and DONTs for Successful Technical PowerPoint Presentation

#6. Preparation and Practice

A presentation needs to be mastered. The only way to do this is by preparing the entire things early and gets enough time to practice. Do not take it for granted and not preparing the entire thing well. Do not read a piece of paper. Practice to memorize it.

#7. Feedback

Before the real presentation, try to see yourself presenting. We can also ask friends to be the audience and give us feedback.

#8. Make It Meaningful

Our audience do not need a lecture. We need to make sure that our presentation gives them ideas or inspiration to think about at home. Never talk like you are the only one who knows.

#9. Storyteller vs. Presenter

PowerPoint already gives us a lot of help. We only need to tell the audience the whole ideas and thought. Be a storyteller that breaths passion and spirit to the presentation instead of being merely a presenter.

Basically, the entire things are pretty simple and easy. We only need to focus on what we should do, and practice to eliminate things we should not do. Give enough time for practice and follow the rule instinctively.

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