Top 10 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name

catchy domain names for business Top 10 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain NameChoosing the right name for a domain is actually not that hard as long as we know what we are doing. If things are still confusing, the following rules can be hints to find the right one.

#1. Play with Top Keywords

Search for top keywords on your field. They deliver the domain field best. For domain name, we only need to play on those keywords and find one new, unique, and match.

#2. Be Unique

We should not imitate any other domain, even more the popular ones. Make your own idea and appear original just like you want it. Imitating means disaster.

#3. Dot Com Only

Dot Com domain gives you more than just an ordinary domain. You have bigger chance for traffic, popularity, and branding recognition as well. Plus, this is easier for users and customers.

#4. Catchy Name

Catchy here means we need a name that people can remember easily. It allows people to visit your website more and recommend it to others.

#5. Keep It Short

There are benefits come from short name. It is easy to remember and to type. It also goes fit and perfect on social media and business cards too.

#6. Make and Fulfil the Expectation

When we make a domain name, we are creating an expectation people have in mind once they read our name. Our job is to fulfil it and do not let people feel dissatisfied.

#7. Get the Copyright

It means we need a name that is brand new and unique. We need to check on to check if our name already exists.

#8. Stand Up with Brand

Create a name that is not only representing the business or field we are on, but also commercial name that gives company association, community driven, and open and free.

#9. No Hyphens and Numbers

A domain name should be free of hyphens and numbers so it goes verbal. It tends to be easier to remember and type. Audience likes such name a lot better.

#10. Do Not Follow Trend

We do not need to follow current trend to find a name. It can be outdated and people will get less interested. Make your own name and let it lasts longer.

Those rules basically are derived from many experiences. Try to adjust your move to the rules one by one and enjoy the process. You will finally get a fine name for your domain. Good luck!

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