Top 8 Best Games for Tablets and Smartphones

best smartphone games to play with friends Top 8 Best Games for Tablets and SmartphonesMany game developers are on competition in giving the best gaming experience to gamers on mobile devices. There are several genres too for the games just like on consoles. However, several games are considered the best one with huge users and fans. What are they?

#1. Jetpack Joyride

This is a one button navigation game. This game looks simple enough but it actually offers deeper challenge and is quite intense for gameplay. We basically navigating Barry and we buy more power using the earned coin.

#2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

It still uses the old gameplay. We will drive around the Vice City and deal with deaths and destruction. Even though there is almost nothing new on the game, how it appears on mobile devices is really pleasing.

#3. Walking Dead: The Game

Even though this game is only available on Apple devices right now, the great story and adventure challenge makes the game really popular. It looks as spectacular as gaming on PC.

#4. Ravensword: Shadowlands

This game breaks the saying that adventure game cannot be great on mobile. This game offers hours of exploration for the entire map and battle is also available in store. It is a nice mobile adventure of goo iphone game Top 8 Best Games for Tablets and Smartphones

#5. World of Goo

Successful of being a PC game, it is brought to mobile by the developers. The game is simple, stretching and connecting goo to make structure and connected to pipe. Yet, this game is very challenging and nice to play on mobile.

#6. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

This is the latest version of the game. We still need to guide the little monster to cut the rope, get the sweets, and gain the stars. It is simple but nice for both children as well as adult.

#7. Real Boxing

This console game is brought to mobile devices with quite good graphic. The interesting part is that gamers can learn how to make all moves fast and fun. The features are made compatible and really challenging for mobile gamers.

#8. Plants vs. Zombie

This is on the original version as appear on PC. This game makes very fun yet simple enough to play on mobile devices. The mini games are worth the play.

Considering competition climate on game industry, those games can be considered as ordinary when new games come and they have something more to offer. There are new games releases every day, and this list can be changed.

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