Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet and Its Environment

internet environmental impact Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet and Its EnvironmentInternet was invented to make information more accessible and people get updated from time to time. As always, and as other things too, internet also has disadvantages besides the advantages. What are they? They are listed below along with its impact to environment.

Advantages of Using the Internet and Its Environment

#1. Better Correspondence

We must admit, internet offer email and it makes correspondence a lot easier. We have phone so we can text or call. However, written communication is still needed and email makes it fast and easy to do.

#2. Information Access

Internet also allows us to get updated anytime. We get news and stories of friends through the internet. It makes it possible for us to give immediate reaction or decision towards the news. It matches the need of modern life.

#3. Improvements

As we get the latest information all the time, we know well things to upgrade. This makes great improvement to life since upgrades are available on all fields. We can simply learn about it through the internet.

#4. Speed and Practicality

Adult enjoys internet on more ways. They can fulfil their needs in much faster and more practical way. For shopping, internet lets them shop without leaving the office desk. We can also make all other transaction online.

Disadvantages of Using the Internet and Its Environment

#1. Personal Information Exposure

Since we use the internet, our personal data and information can be accessed by other users. This can be dangerous when people make identity theft and use our identity for crime action like stealing or money laundry.

#2. Spamming

It happens all the time in which we receive emails from someone we don’t know with no important purposes but clogging up our entire system. It is commonly in a form of unsolicited email that goes to our bulk. Immediately delete the email.

#3. Porn

Free access is a part of the internet. People have freedom to access every information including porn. This will be bad idea for kids. We need to eliminate this and put extra precaution to block any porn access from kids computer.

#4. Individual Social Condition

As people get to interested to the internet, they forget that it should be a help to get far people nearer instead of making near people even further from us. Internet should be used in balance with other real interactions.

Understanding the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the internet makes us realize how we gain a lot and how we may endanger a lot as well. The key will be using the internet in an appropriate manner and get balance.

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