Top 10 Clever Gmail Tips and Tricks

gmail tips and tricks for the power user hack Top 10 Clever Gmail Tips and TricksGmail is no doubt still considered the best email service right now with huge capacity and services offered. However, it does not stop there. There are still many other moves we can make. Here are some of them.

#1. Shortcuts for Keyboard

We can learn the entire shortcut on shortcut menu and control the entire navigation right from the keyboard. However, we can also use Launchy to do the same things.

#2. Use Google Code Macros

The macros script is available even on ne Gmail. We do not need to get busy to get the macros. We only need to install it and update it from time to time.

#3. Advanced Bookmark

Gmail allows us to bookmark our search as well as emails on inbox. Each has their own URL, we only need to bookmark it so we can revisit the result or email.

#4. Focus of Inbox

If we are using Firefox, we can install a plugin called ActiveInbox so we can change the focus of our inbox and make priorities. It makes the change easy and fast.

#5. Forwarding by POP3 and IMAP

This feature helps us gathering all emails. Use them to forward all emails to your Gmail account. We can always keep data on Google and keep it safe.

#6. Conversation Mute Option

We can get rid of subscribed email in which the conversation has nothing to do with us by clicking the mail and press “m” to mute it. It is easy and fast, and effective.

#7. Gmail Notifier on Firefox

This plugin is a smart trick in which we only need to install it and we have active notifier that tells us when emails or updates are delivered.

#8. Gmail CSS Hacking

Use the Gmail HTML Signatures plugin on Firefox. It helps you to insert signature on mail you compose automatically even if you have multiple Gmail accounts.

#9. Gmail is External Drive

We can make it possible if we use the Windows drive shell extension. Once we have it, our Gmail drive will appear on our My Computer as an external additional drive.

#10. Manage the Labels

If we divide the entire emails on inclusive and exclusive labels, we avoid too many works on searching and sorting. We can also get rid of a conversation using different syntax.

Try those tips and tricks and experience new and better moves through your Gmail. There are still many clever tricks that you can use. Explore more and find even more tricks to use your Gmail account.

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