10 Key Elements All Good Web Sites Should Have

visual web design principles 10 Key Elements All Good Web Sites Should HaveWhen defining good web sites, we will be able to list all elements we want to have. However, there are elements make more important role than others. As long as the web has them, it can be called a good web.

#1. Perfect Visual Design

Essentially, your web sites only need to be clean, clear, and simple. In addition to it, make sure that you keep updating the design so it looks new and well maintained.

#2. Friendly User Interface

First, understand your most users, and adjust the design to be friendly where users can have great browsing experience on your websites. Easy spotted and consistent navigation is essential as well.

#3. High Quality Content

As always, content makes the most important part. Do not talk only about how great you are, but make sure your content gives ideas, inspiration, and answers to users.

#4. Excellent About Page

People get curios to other person behind a website or blog. To make sure that you appear great, make your About Page solid, informative, and really performing.

#5. Complete Contact Information

Client will love to get connected to you when you make yourself reachable and available all the time. Give your contact information details clearly. Do not forget to responds fast.

#6. Searching Option

Big blog or websites will desperately need this. It does not only look fancy and professional, but it helps users to find the wanted content faster and easier.

#7. Sign Up or Subscribe Option

These options allow people to sign up and get updated on the website content. It goes the same way for the subscribe option. It also increases website popularity.

#8. Clear Sitemap

Sitemap should be available for both searching engine and human. It makes them find the targeted page much faster and easier. Placing it on your footer will be great as well.

#9. Valid CSS or XHTML

The key to have a valid XHMTL or CSS for your website is the accurate code. Few clients will notice this, and it also gives good looking page as well.

#10. Compatibility

This is also essential and it does not only work for one browser. Make sure that your website is compatible across browsers and searching engines.

Those are the key elements. They make sure a website runs great and nice to users. Check if your web sites already have the entire key elements and are on top performance.

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