Top 9 Best Free Apps for iPhone

best iphone apps of all time Top 9 Best Free Apps for iPhoneThere are hundred thousands of apps available on iTunes, and we can access them anytime. However, are they worth the money and time? The following apps are available for free but they offer excellent service.

#1. Magisto

This is a popular video editing apps with great features and supports so users with little knowledge on editing will be able to use the apps as well. It makes best editing option for snapshots video.

#2. NPR News

This app gets us updated every hour. It updates local and international news, just as we set it, and brings us audio or reading material we can consume. It makes perfect app for adult.

#3. TuneIn Radio

Unlike other channel, this app makes sure that we get more radio connection. Instead of getting local, this app gets us connected internationally. Nothing is more interesting than this one especially for youngsters.

#4. Pocket

This app is smartly named ad designed to help users. It helps us to save all items from articles to video we want to view later. It makes perfect app for busy people with a lot of interest.

#5. DuoLingo

This app allows users to learn other languages. We can do two languages at a time. It gives us enough material to learn. In addition to it, it can be used as translator as well.

#6. RunKeeper

It records your track, distance, burned calorie, and other important details on distance sport. Meanwhile, we are still able to use the device for other function. This app uses our GPS service. It makes favourite pick especially for runners.

#7. Yahoo! Weather

This app looks sophisticated with complete information from today’s weather, time of sunrise and sunset, location, time, and 5 days weather report. It makes complete weather information so we do not have to install other related apps.

#8. Google Translate

Just like when we use it on web page, this app is now accessible on mobile device. It is not good enough for a long translation but short text at a time.

#9. Bump!

This app enables users across platform to share their contacts, photos, and other things just by bumping the two devices together. It makes social life a lot easier than before.

Free apps still need your time for downloading and for trying. It will be better if we download only ones really great like those apps. Check on iTunes for more options and download only the worth ones.

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