Top 9 Types of Online Advertising

online advertising types Top 9 Types of Online AdvertisingOnline advertising makes a huge development for the last few years, and it brings bigger revenue to companies through sales and reputation. Basically, there are several types of it, and each brings different benefits.

#1. Pay per Click or PPC

This type is very well known and used. The system is pretty easy and simple. Advertisers will pay for the ads based on the number clicked ads. Google AdWords and AdSense are the examples.

#2. Pay per Impression or PPM

This type is set on our website by advertisers. They will pay based on the numbers of their ad pages on the web page. Commonly, it is in a form of pop up ads on our website.

#3. Pay per Action or PPA

This type of ads is paid after a transaction successfully made. The popular example is the affiliate program. Advertiser will not pay for the ads unless they get sales.

#4. Article Submission

This type of advertising considers content as the king. We update the website with magazine style articles, and we get link back to our website for it.

#5. Natural Ranking on Searching Engine

We need high keyword to succeed this type of ad. The key is the keyword our market will search most. It takes research and deep analysis first. The popular SEO is about these online ads Top 9 Types of Online Advertising

#6. Social Media Ads

We empower business marketing by posting ads on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook offers nice support for ads based on interest and related people while Twitter offers possibility for quick updates for customers.

#7. Google Display Ads

It begins from the AdWords. However, it offers different kind of display in which you can show your service or products on almost all properties of Google like YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and others.

#8. Mobile Ads

Mobile devices offer unique platform of browsing experience and most people do this all the time. We only need to make ads on mobile devices platform to reach market.

#9. Email Ads

It was first used to inform subscribers with updates, discounts, promo program, and other things, but we are now able to send ads to users through email to get their attention.

Each contributed different kind of progress for our ads. We need to learn about it and try to decide when we best use each of them and how. Companies around the world increase their sales by online ads, and we need to learn how they do it.

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