Top 8 Free and Useful iPad Apps

useful ipad apps for work business Top 8 Free and Useful iPad AppsiPad is actually provided with many supporting apps across developers. However, most of them are pricey and not really good. Believe it or not, there are several apps available for free and they are really good. What are those apps?

#1. AccuWeather

The appearance of this app can be a little bit odd and unusual. However, this app gives complete information on weather and how the weather will influence our activity. The activities mentioned include several daily schedule and activities.

#2. Bloomberg

The new Bloomberg app for iPad appears on nice colours, and it makes one of the most helpful stocks and news app. The colours are used to classify important and less important things. The fancy look makes a good progress.


This is not just a dictionary. This app is also a Thesaurus. The app is really fast and easy to use. However, it works offline only, and there is no online version yet but so far it is pleasing enough.

#4. The Guardian Eyewitness

This app allows users to get updates and access to recent photos on the latest events. In addition to it, it makes it possible for us to save the photos on our iPad, and share them through email.

#5. PaperDesk Lite

This notepad app helps users to combine text words, audio file, and scribbles into one file. However, this is quite disappointing that each note only covers for three pages at most, and there is no export option.

#6. Reuters News Pro

Just as the name, this is a news app, and it is much better than one offered by BBC. This app can be a little bit very US for several users. However, it can be adjusted through the setting menu.

#7. Wikipanion

This app is really pleasing. The appearance is so nice with double panes. However, the best part is that it works online as well and it is easier to navigate the web, and users will enjoy the bookmark and history option. Top 8 Free and Useful iPad Apps

#8. Granimator

This app offers modern yet really sophisticated photo editor. Instead of creating dull pictures, this app offers something more artistic, and users can do it easily. It also allows users to share the pictures on social media directly.

Learning the list will surprise us that such great apps are still available for free. Check on them and see if those apps will be helpful for you. Or maybe, you will find other great apps for free.

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