Top 10 Different Types of Software Development

software development life cycle models Top 10 Different Types of Software DevelopmentDefining software development can be complicated. There are many of them and there will be many more considering that this field gets rapid changing. However, these developments can be considered as the top ones.

#1. Application Development

This development deals with coding and designing. It is to create a set of action on application to solve specific problems. Terms like VB.NET, C#, Java, and Visual Basic are very common on this.

#2. System Development

The development is focused on building, by designing and encoding too, for the system that works behind. Microsoft has thousands of system developers to work on Microsoft Windows only to make sure the system is perfect.

#3. API Development

This is similar to the previous two titles. However, this process creates code to be used by other developers who work for application. The duty is still on encoding but for different use.

#4. Web Development

The entire design and encoding is purposed to support application to run on web. The popular examples are Internet Explorer and Firefox. PHP, Java Script, and HTML are the common languages used by the developers.

#5. Embedded Systems Development

The entire activity for design and encoding are aimed for devices, non computer ones. The Assembly language is the common language used. This serves across fields and industries and it has the same complicated challenge.scientific developments in the 21st century Top 10 Different Types of Software Development

#6. Scientific Development

This particular one is uncommon. The entire development activities are numerical. The developers however still speak the common language like C and C++ but the job is entirely different to the previous types.

#7. Test Automation

This one still deals with design and encoding. However, the purpose is made different. This time, developers have to use the design and encoding to test the other available software, to see if it already runs well.

#8. Abstraction

This is known better as MDA. Basically, developers do not need to generate code from a model. Instead, they can build independent platform even though it is also possible for them to build model dependant platform.

#9. Specializing known as DSL

This development set several small languages into one specific domain. DSL approaches are widely used now, and most of them include specific translation and interpretation. This development can be a little bit complicated.

#10. MDE

This one development approach is different to other approaches. On this one, the transformation looks clear and different. We can directly differ vertical and horizontal transformation made.

There are still many other types of software developments. Each of them serves on a different way and each of them needs expertise as well. Learn more developments to know more about it.

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