Top 8 Ways How to Boost Your WiFi Signal

 Top 8 Ways How to Boost Your WiFi SignalWiFi allows us to get connected to the internet in a more flexible and comfortable way. However, it is also frustrating sometimes when the signal fluctuates and drops while we are in need of constant signal. There are ways to fix such problem.

#1. Router Location

Router works just like us. When we talk or shout, no one will hear us unless we are on an open space. Change your router location to somewhere open, away from the walls for example.

#2. Firmware Update

The problem can be the outdated firmware. Most manufacturers make innovation and we need to keep updated as well. Check on firmware upgrades or driver updates. Some routers are set automatic update, but some are not. Keep it updated from time to time.

#3. WiFi Chanel Change

Sometimes, the problem is caused by too many interference on your WiFi channel. The solution will be changing the channel. We can do it on configuration setting, and we may need to re-enter our password.

#4. New Antenna

Sometimes, we need more than just the device. We need to empower it with high gain antenna. It does not necessarily have to on our roof. We can place the antenna inside the house. Many antennas are available that way now.

#5. One More Repeater

This is more practical than adding new wiring to your place. The setting can be a little complicated. It depends on the brand. Place it between your router and the area you want to empower.

#6. Use Extender

This is an alternative to new repeater. Instead of it, we can use one more router that will function as an extender. Connect it to the main router and add the same address and information to get connected to the internet.

#7. Network Security

This is to ensure that no one else is taking advantage on your WiFi signal. With good security, we avoid people who will use our bandwidth without permission.

#8. Router Upgrading

As manufacturer keeps on innovating new things, we may need to upgrade the router. We may need to check if the new version goes well with our other hardware, but it is pretty simple to do.

Each solution may answer the problem in a different way. It depends on what is the main problem of our WiFi signal problem. Understanding the problem will allow us to decide the right solution as well. For bigger problems, we may need professional assistance. Have some try.

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